April 2023 Partner Newsletter – Will you praise Him today?

Yeshua is worthy of praise!


God has given us the gift of music that we can use to sing and play instruments unto Him.  Music is a tool that brings unity making it

possible for groups of people to all praise and worship Him in one accord.  A single unified sound of worship arises unto The King of kings and LORD of lords.

This past Saturday night on April 15 was Worship Night 2023 at the Riley Center Opera House in Meridian, Mississippi.  Paul Wilbur came in from Jacksonville, Florida.  Aaron Shust in from Nashville. Joshua Aaron came in from the Galilee region in Israel, and I, together with my fiancé and her mother, flew in from Tucson, Arizona.  Attendees came in by both cars and planes.  It was a full room – full of people and filled of His Presence.  A unified worship to Yeshua is what rose up. I had writtena contemporary arrangement of the Hebrew liturgy “Avinu Malkeinu” and recorded it in 2015 together with Paul Wilbur and Joshua Aaron, but we were all in separate locations. Last weekend at Worship Night concert we sang together live for the first time. So special! Click to listen to the first live performance of this song. 

So much goes into the preparations for an evening of worship…  spiritual preparations, logistics and musical preparations.

Last night it was go-time about 6:00PM, and I had the privilege of leading the opening song.  I began with a call and response song with only voice and keyboard.  I sang “Lion of Judah, You ARE The Great I AM” and the opera house full of worshipers sang back “Lion of Judah, You ARE The Great I AM!”  As the night continued, people celebrated Yeshua through music and song for about three hours.

Well worth the trip to Meridian.

There are times when we praise Him with a large group in a beautiful theater and a great sound set up.  However, Yeshua is worthy to be praised the next morning when it’s only Him and me in a hotel room thousands of miles from home.


Will you praise Him right where you are today?