Dr. Greg Silverman



Greg’s father is a Russian-Polish Jew and his mother is Italian-American. Greg gained an interesting perspective on both Christianity and Judaism from growing up in an interfaith home. He went to Jewish holidays with his father’s side of the family and churches with his mother’s side of the family. Greg remembers accepting Yeshua while visiting his grandmother’s church at eight years of age. Praise the LORD for a praying grandmother!

As a teenager and college student, he attended a wide variety of churches. Greg also gained proficiency in gospel music during these years. He graduated from college at the University of Massachusetts with a B.A. in both Vocal Jazz & Gospel Music as well as Psychology. However, Greg had one foot with the LORD and the other in worldly living.

In Spring 2000, Greg began to point his life wholeheartedly toward God. Greg was hired as an assistant music director to well-known gospel musician, Ron Metcalf, in New York City. Ron made use of Greg’s musical gifts and talents but he also took Greg under his wing spiritually. In addition to praying for and counseling Greg, Ron encouraged him to seek out the Jewish people who knew Jesus. Little did Greg know that there was a Messianic Jewish movement, let alone that God would one day call him and his wife into full-time ministry. Within a year, Greg rededicated his life to the LORD at his mother’s church. Immediately, God was bringing the dry bones in his life to life!

In 2001, while studying classical choral conducting for a Master’s degree at Temple University, Greg was invited by a friend to visit Congregation Beth Yeshua. From the moment he arrived, he felt as though he had spiritually “come home.” That first night at Beth Yeshua, the synagogue was particularly packed due to the special concert. When the guest artist was announced, Greg realized he had seen this artist on a video his grandmother had sent him several years prior. Although uninterested at the time, watching the video had impacted him. It was very possibly the first time Greg had seen a Messianic Jewish musician. You can see why Greg was so overwhelmed. His first time in Beth Yeshua was actually a concert of the same Marty Goetz from the video. What a “God-incidence!”

Within a year of joining the synagogue, he met his wife, Rosa, who had already been in the congregation for several years. Greg and Rosa, together with their two wonderful sons, have joyfully become a quartet!


It was during that season, Greg wrote his first Messianic worship song. One morning he went to read his Bible and it fell open to Ezekiel 37,

“The hand of the LORD was upon me, and He brought me out by His Spirit, The LORD set me in the middle of a valley, it was full of dry bones.”

The song, “Dry Bones”, eventually became the title song of his first album, Dry Bones, released in 2004. This was his first full-length album of original Messianic Jewish Music.

Greg ministered full-time at Congregation Beth Yeshua from 2004-2010 as music and youth director. He released his second album, Revive, in 2007. In addition, Silverman Ministries was founded as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2009.

In Summer of 2010 Greg was accepted with full scholarship into the prestigious University of Arizona doctoral program in Choral Conducting. The Silverman family moved west to Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Greg Silverman completed his doctoral degree in December 2013. He released a brief documentary movie title Sacred. This culmination project film is about a piece of Hebrew classical choral music and Dr.
Greg’s experience as a choral conductor.


After graduating the doctoral program, Dr. Greg served as faculty in the Music Departments of Eastern University and Shiloh University. He also ministered on keyboard with Paul Wilbur throughout the United States and internationally in England, Wales and the Philippines. In 2017, together with his wife, Rosa, Silverman Ministries released their latest album, I AM.

Presently Dr. Greg serves as the President of his own ministry as well as the Music Director at Desert Hope Lutheran Church in Tucson (www.deserthope.org). As part of his work in Silverman Ministries, Inc., Dr. Greg offers worship concerts, recordings, and training for other worship leaders and artists. Greg looks forward to ministering and teaching at your congregation, university, or event. For concert or speaking information, please contact Dr. Greg Silverman.