A Season of Stretching

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch out your tabernacle curtains.  Do not hold back—lengthen your cords, strengthen
your stakes.  For you will spread out to the right hand and to the left.” ~Isaiah 54:2-3 (TLV)


I praise God for this spring and summer.  It has been a season of stretching in Silverman Ministries as well as in my personal life.  Several significant Kingdom-advancing experiences were placed before me in these recent months.  I am grateful for what God Almighty has done.  There are different seasons.  I have experienced seasons of quiet where there seems to be less activity.  These slower, quieter seasons seem to be less frequent than some of the others, yet I am grateful for the still and quiet waters when they do come.  I have also experienced painful crisis seasons where it takes all of the strength just to grab hold tight of Yeshua and hang on during a storm.  Then, there are enlarging and stretching seasons.  That’s what it seems God has been doing in and through my life most recently.


In April there was the Worship Night with Paul Wilbur, Joshua Aaron, and Aaron Shust, and me at the Opera House in Meridian, Mississippi.  There was so much preparation that went into that evening, and Yeshua was glorified through the event.  Having the opportunity to team up and collaborate with some of the top Messianic and Christian worship artists pushed and stretched me to give my best for the Lord.  Also as part of it, I got to sing the Avinu Malkeinu song for the very first time live with both Paul and Joshua.  I recorded that song with the two men remotely back in 2015, yet had never had the opportunity to sing it live with them until this past April!  Right around that same time was Resurrection Sunday when I got to conduct the Voices of Hope choir at Desert Hope Tucson. Within about that same week, there was a Yeshua in the Passover seder at Hope City Church in Tucson that I led.  I felt like God was “enlarging the place of my tent” during that handful of days in particular.


In May there was the International Shavuot-Pentecost Celebration.  This was an evening near Phoenix, Arizona, in which people from multiple nationalities came together in unity to sing, worship, pray, and intercede before The Lord in over a dozen different languages.  My role was to help lead the International Voices in singing worship music altogether.


Then just last month, there were two Youth Worship Camps, one in Houston, Texas, and the very next week in Tucson.  We will share more details about the camps in another email update that is coming soon.  Within days of that finishing up, I was blessed with the opportunity to preach a message on Romans chapter 11 at Desert Hope Lutheran Church.


Wow – it feels like a lot to even read through all that God has been doing through our ministries recently.  For now, I simply want to thank God for a season of growth and stretching.  What kind of season does God have you in right now?  Are you in a season of preparation; a season of storms and trials; a “quiet and still waters” season; or perhaps is God stretching and enlarging your territories as well in these recent months?


In every time and moment, He is God Almighty and He is worthy of all of our praise and worship.  My seasons change, yet He is my Constant.  He is the Rock and my Firm Foundation.  HalleluYah!