Silverman Ministries, Inc.

Silverman Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  We exist to bring the Message of Yeshua, Jesus, to both Jews and Gentiles. Through anointed worship and teachings on the Jewish roots of the faith you can witness Dr. Greg’s love and enthusiasm for Yeshua, Jesus, and all God’s people.

Dr. Greg Silverman has led an original composition at The White House, sung at Carnegie Hall and at Giant Stadium. He appeared on international broadcasts such as the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar, and the Inspiration Network. In addition he served as a worship leader at the international MJAA Messiah Conferences for over a decade.

Our Mission

  • SHARE the Good News of Yeshua, Jesus, with Jews and Gentiles,
  • USHER people to the Presence of the King through worship leading, music videos, recordings, and live events, and
  • EQUIP worship leaders and other artists to use their God-given creativity to further God’s Kingdom!

We Offer

  • Music Recordings & Videos
  • Praise & Worship Concerts
  • Guest Worship Leading
  • Worship Workshops / Seminars
  • Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Worship Leadership Training