Romans 11: Life from the Dead

The following devotion was taken from a sermon given by Dr. Greg Silverman at Desert Hope Lutheran Church in Tucson, Arizona, on 2 July 2023 | 13 Tamuz 5783. To watch the complete sermon please visit Dr. Greg teaches Romans … Continued

God: The Greatest Musician

When I lived in the Philadelphia area, I became friends and occasionally guest ministered at the church of Pastor Philip Whiteside.  Pastor Whiteside once said to his congregation, “God is the greatest Musician…He is a musical God.”  I love that.  … Continued

Happy Blessed Hanukkah!

Shalom Friend, I write you from Meridian, Mississippi.  I look forward to serving this evening at The Tabernacle Church of Meridian for the first time. It will be a special Hanukkah worship celebration at 7PM central. The word “Hanukkah” means … Continued

Youth Worship Camp 2021

This begins the final Shabbat of 5781. By this time next week, God will have sustained and enabled us to reach the year 5782! What a blessing to walk this journey with Yeshua, The Messiah, minute by minute and year by year. … Continued

Laments Album by City Psalms

  CITY PSALMS is a movement of artists to create Jesus-centered music and art for Tucson. Their mission is to cast a fresh vision of Jesus through music and creative collaboration so everyone in our community can see that His good … Continued

Voice Of Hope Conducted By Greg Silverman

It was a total delight to conduct the Voices of Hope choir this Sunday! The singers are from Desert Hope as well as from other parts of our Tucson community. We lift up praise-filled sounds unto Yeshua, Jesus, in unity! … Continued