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I AM (album)

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Released in 2017, this full length album was a collaborative effort of Dr. Greg and Rosa Silverman.  In addition to Dr. Greg on vocals, there are also special appearances by Paul Wilbur, Joshua Aaron, and Rosa Silverman.  Produced by Dan Needham, the songs combine the most up to date EDM, Gospel, and Latin sounds with influence from ancient Hebrew liturgies.

Provide (single)

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A top single from the I AM album.  Written by Dr. Greg based on lyrics from Scriptures from Isaiah 43 and Mark 11 as well as a sermon that deeply impacted his life.

None Like You (single)

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Released in 2010, one of Dr. Greg’s most popular congregational songs.  The words are based on the story of King David during the end of his life when he realized that God would be using his very own son, Solomon, to build the Temple unto the LORD.  Produced and released in 2010.

Floodgates (single)

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Co-written and inspired by Rosa, based on the Scripture from Malachi about God opening up the floodgates of heaven and pouring out His Blessings.  Produced and released in 2010.

Revive (album)

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“The Revived Enter His Dwelling.”  That is the Revival Plan. This album, released in 2007, takes you on a journey closer and closer into the Light of His Presence.  Revive has a great mix of original Jewish & Gospel sounds.  The songs are purposely selected and arranged to tell the story of how God revives us so that we can enter into the most intimate places in Him.  You’ll be glad you took a listen to this!

Dry Bones (album)

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Dry Bones is Dr. Greg Silverman’s first full-length Messianic Jewish release.  As Dr. Greg uses his powerful voice to sing God’s unaltered Word, you will experience strong sounds of healing, salvation, and great joy.  With its amazing combination of musical styles encompassing Traditional Jewish, Gospel, Musical Theater, and even Jazz, this is an album that you will definitely want to hear!

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