The Story Behind “New Things” Single – Coming Soon!

New Thing single

As some of you have heard me share in the past, I first joined Congregation Beth Yeshua in Philadelphia in 2001.  Before joining, God had been stirring and leading my heart to find a Messianic Jewish community to join.  Around that time, I was going to Temple University for a Masters in Choral Conducting.  While in choir class one day, my friend who was sitting next to me invited me to Beth Yeshua, a Messianic synagogue that he had been attending.  I eagerly agreed to go — I had been seeking a place where I could connect with other Jews who believed in Yeshua (Jesus).  When I first entered I felt I had spiritually “come home”!

In addition to jumping fully into congregational life, I also immersed myself in the life of the Messiah Conferences which occurred for a full week each summer.  I loved being part of the community, and I loved the opportunity to praise and worship my Lord and Savior, Yeshua!  Those Messiah Conferences became a huge part of my life.  And as I grew in ministry, God provided opportunities to lead worship at the conferences for 14 years straight.

During the summer of 2019, I was going through a very painful season in my personal life. Even so, God still provided the opportunity to go to the Messiah Conference.  Since I attended by myself that year, I was assigned a roommate in the dormitories.  Would you like to know who my roommate was?  To my surprise, it wound up being the same friend who first invited me to Beth Yeshua all the way back in 2001!  What a blessing!

Right after Messiah Conference 2019, I felt God download a song to me.  The chorus sings,

“God You’re doing a new thing in my life.

God You’re doing a new thing in our lives.

Don’t remember the former things, don’t regard the past things, leave those behind.

God You’re doing a new thing in my life.”

These words are based on the passage of Scripture from Isaiah.  The Tree of Life translation reads: “Do not remember former things, nor consider things of the past.  Here I am, doing a new thing; Now it is springing up—do you not know about it?” Isaiah 43:18-19

Yes, He is doing new things, in new ways, all for the glory of God.  I am so excited to share this song with you.  “New Things” will be coming out in upcoming weeks.  I hope it speaks to you and blesses you.  Coming soon in November 2020!