Ministry Report: Georgetown, Texas


Worship leader and drummer, Josh Itescu [above], joined Dr. Greg for the ministry weekend in Georgetown, Texas, this past March. Dr. Greg asked if he would share a bit of his experience:

Shalom Mispocha,

I’m excited about what the Lord accomplished through our ministry to Messiah Echad in March. I believe the worship workshop Dr. Greg presented will benefit the worship program at Messiah Echad for years to come. The session began with a discussion about the importance of unity in the worship team’s mission statement. Everyone listened as each member of the worship team describe what worship meant to them. This allowed for a deeper understanding of each other’s heart for worship. The worshipers at Messiah Echad displayed great attitudes as they were eager to learn and grow. The excitement to implement the knowledge that Dr. Greg shared was apparent.

Later that evening, Dr. Greg and I led worship for the Purim service. The Spirit of the Lord emanated throughout the service. The anointing of the Lord made it easy to flow and press into the spirit of worship. Sharing my passion for worshiping the Lord is one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life! I enjoyed fellowshipping with the members of Messiah Echad and I look forward to seeing what the Lord accomplishes through this amazing group of believers! Check out a photo from our time together below.

With kindness,
Josh Itescu