I praise God for you and am thankful for your prayers and partnership with us.  This season in our ministry has been full and blessed.  As we recently celebrated Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, I felt impressed by the “dayeinu”.  This is one of the songs we sing meaning, “it would have been sufficient”…
It would have been sufficient if God had only delivered us from Egypt, but He did so much more.  It would have been sufficient if God had only given us the Shabbat, but He did so much more.  We are grateful to our God Who has blessed us super-abundantly, not only sufficiently but also more than enough!  HalleluYah!
As I was reading the new Kevin Geoffrey edition of the New Covenant in which he produced a very literal Messianic version of the Scriptures, I noticed the final words of the Last Supper.  I have heard a lot of emphasis on the last words of Yeshua on the cross, yet I had not considered the final words of the Last Supper until this morning.  In Luke 22:38, Yeshua is concluding the seder and sharing with His disciples how the hour of His betrayal and suffering had come.  The verse concludes with Yeshua saying, “It is sufficient.”  With all of the amazing things that Yeshua said at the Last Supper, I am blessed by the way His last words are:  “It is sufficient.”  In the Passover we say, “It would have been sufficient.”  Beyond that, Yeshua IS sufficient and more than enough for us in every way.  Yeshua is the centrality of all we need and He has paid for all our sins.  He is more than enough and I am beyond grateful to Him.  Amen.
God bless you and Shabbat Shalom,