Worship Changes Things

Dear Partners,

We thank God for you every time you come to mind. God has been faithful to reach people with His love through our ministry this past year, and it is your partnership that makes this possible. Thank you.

In some ways, 2018 was different from many of the previous years in Silverman Ministries. Instead of the many travels that I had done before, 2018 contained a lot of ministry right here in Tucson, Arizona. I served Tucson’s Messianic congregation as their worship leader. During that time we raised up new worship leaders of all ages and stages. Last summer we began a Youth Worship Team which blessed not only the teens and children but the adults in the congregation as well. We also built a Messianic choir which sang on holidays such as Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur. Through times of fellowship with the various creative people at the congregation, we motivated them to use their gifts and talents for the King of kings. At the same time, I also served a Sunday Gentile church here in Tucson. We equipped creatives and directed a congregational choir there too.

The purpose of Silverman Ministries, Inc. (501c3) is to:
1. Lead worship with excellence locally through worship and events
2. Lead worship with excellence globally especially through recordings, videos, and media and
3. Raise up other worship leaders and creatives.

We were able to accomplish this purpose much through congregational work in 2018. I praise God for all that He accomplished in and through us this past year.

Going forward, there will be more traveling concerts again in 2019. The touring schedule for this upcoming year is already starting to fill and I’m excited to engage in more traveling ministry again. So, we will keep you posted, and perhaps we can see each other live in person this upcoming year. All the while, my passion from the Lord is to lead people into the Presence of the King through any means possible.

Thank you again for your partnership. Your encouragement, prayers, and financial support make all the difference.

God bless you,